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Timeless beauty doesn’t have to be an impossible dream, according to Kedma Cosmetics. It claims they can turn it into a reality.

This story dates back to the time of Cleopatra — the queen who redefined beauty. She discovered the treasures that rejuvenate the body and spirit: gold and minerals form the Dead Sea. Kedma Cosmetics combines the secrets of ancient Egyptian cosmetics with the anti-aging properties of gold and the revitalizing properties of Dead Sea minerals to promote timeless beauty to everyone.

My Kedma Philippines cosmetics reviews explore the beauty of these Egyptian-inspired products, as promoted by the company, and reveals if they’re actually fit for a modern queen (aka you and me!).

Kedma’s trademark of beauty and luxury is evident in the products they use: Dead Sea minerals and that precious metal, gold.

Dead Sea Minerals

Flawless skin is THE dream. I’m not kidding. But it’s also the dream most of us have a hard time iq option free demo achieving.

But Kedma Cosmetics believes that we can make our dreams a reality. Its products use Dead Sea minerals, which aren’t just for treating minor skin imperfections. These elements are said to remove impurities and other harmful products in the pores of your skin. Its deep cleansing action cleanses the skin and restores its youthful glow.

Dead Sea Minerals

From “colloidal” gold to gold leaves, this symbol for luxury promotes radiant beauty and health with its anti-inflammatory properties and nutrition absorption quality.

According to Kedma, it uses gold in their products to address aging-related problems. This metal activates “basal” cells of the skin and promotes skin elasticity. Thanks to gold, we can say goodbye to fine lines, wrinkles, and spots (Something which I am excited for!). It also stimulates skin cells to improve blood circulation, giving your skin that healthy glow.

Kedma: The Skincare Wonder?

I’m not a big fan of fine lines and wrinkles (I mean, who is? Am I right, guys?) which is why I’m an avid fan of products that promote the so-called “youthful effect.”

And guess what? The unique formulation of Kedma’s products is a perfect combination of Dead Sea minerals and other natural ingredients, which are essential to enhancing the skin’s smoothness and softness. Since its products also contain antioxidants, your skin will always receive the right amount of nourishment.

I reviewed Kedma Philippines Cosmetics to test their anti-aging claims on their products (and I was not disappointed! You’ll find out more later).

Kedma has a lot of amazing products, but will all of them work for me and you?

I know that ads aren’t enough to convince you (same applies for me, of course!), which is why I took the liberty of reviewing the following Kedma Philippine Cosmetic products:


Kedma has a unique range 1xbet of different soaps that addresses a variety of skin concerns (dryness and acne) and even helps you with your fitness goals. Why settle with a simple germ-killing bar of soap when you can actually have an anti-cellulite massage soap?

Hair Care

How to maintain our hair’s lustrous shine? Kedma offers a solution (or two): their hair care line includes black mud shampoos, balsam conditioners, and mineral hair masks and serums — all designed to restore and maintain the beauty of our “crowning glory.”

Black Mud

In line with our want for better skin, Kedma targets common skin issues with their Black Mud range. Its product’s special composition promotes a gentle and deep cleansing of the skin. Some Black Mud products also come with aromatic lavender oils for that calming and soothing effect. My Kedma cosmetics reviews will explore the benefits of this “wonder” ingredient and see if it lives up to the hype.


Body scrubs go a long way in restoring our skin’s luster. Kedma’s scrubs remove dead skin cells to reveal the glowing skin below. Each scrub should leave the skin feeling soft, supple, and hydrated. No need to visit the nearest spa for an hour of luxury. You can do it yourself with Kedma’s heavenly scrubs!

Skincare Reviews

Does Kedma’s skincare line actually live up to its promises? I ventured into the world of the brand’s serums and soaps to let you, my dear readers, know. Find out if their products will do wonders for your skin or otherwise. Read my reviews Kedma’s best products based on ingredients and effects!

Body Care Reviews

Our bodies deserve the best care available (of course!). To achieve that, you’ll need the best body care products. So, I test Kedma’s body care line to see if their nail kits, foot scrubs, and hand creams live up to our expectations. All my reviews for Kedma Philippines skincare products will focus on the product’s actual effect and its rating on the luxury scale, so we can really see if the product works.

Facial Care Reviews

Do Dead Sea minerals really do wonders for the face? I’m just as curious as you are! Kedma boasts of the wonders of the Dead Sea and other natural ingredients. Let’s see if their facial care products will actually make us feel more beautiful naturally. I’ll write down all my thoughts on my Kedma Philippines facial care reviews, so don’t miss it!

If you are looking for Kedma Philippines cosmetics reviews, you’ve come to the right place! Feel free to browse through each article and see if Kedma is the right brand for you.

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