Kedma Skincare Philippines Purifying Mud Mask: Does It Work?

The lowest point on earth might just hold the best beauty elixir ingredient ever: Dead Sea black mud. A lot of my friends have told me about its wondrous effects. And I must say, I really saw a difference in the skin of some of them.

mud mask facialBecause I’m a sucker for all things skincare, I’m up for testing the Purifying Mud Mask from Kedma Skincare Philippines on my own skin. I’m a bit embarrassed that I didn’t try the Dead Sea black mud when I visited Israel, actually. Good thing Kedma scooped up some of this good stuff and made it available to us mortals (we don’t always have the time to go vacay in Israel, right, ladies?). The question now is, does it work?


How Dead Is the Dead Sea?

I understand the raised eyebrows I get when people (who aren’t into skincare) hear that I will be trying out mud from the Dead Sea. Why would any self-respecting woman put dead mud on her face?

Here’s the good news. Israel’s Ministry of Tourism says it’s so full of minerals that nothing can live in it, which would explain the nickname. The mud is rich in magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, and calcium. But unlike the “mud” we all know, it’s safe and clean enough to lather onto the skin. Even the Israeli government website recommends it! Another Kedma review blog says that Dead Sea mud contains 21 minerals that help boost the skin’s health.

I am dead-set on testing if Kedma Cosmetics black mud mask can replace my tried-and-tested skincare faves (watch out, GlamGlow and Pixi). Why am I singling out Kedma beauty products in particular? Because I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about its other products, especially the Gold Body Butter.

Why the mud mask? Because I love masks! I can put off facial peels and other stuff, but never mud masks! It’s one of those things that make you feel confident even without makeup. It cleans, moisturizes, and protects the skin (if you want a separate article about how to maximize the benefits of masks, let me know).

So, let’s see if the Kedma Cosmetics Philippines Purifying Mud Mask works!


Good Looks from Black Mud


I’m not gonna lie, the Kedma Philippines Purifying Mud Mask carries a very hefty price tag. It’s even more expensive than my trusted GlamGlow masks. But hey, I’m a firm believer of the you get what you paid for systemIn all honesty, I prefer pricey products that deliver results over affordable ones that do nothing for my skin.

Because I paid a lot for it, I expect really good results.

Packaging. Like my favorite Youtube makeup stars, I’m obsessed with packaging. To me, it shows how much thought the company put into creating its products.

Kedma’s Purifying Mud Mask did not disappoint. The jar came in an immaculate and sturdy unit carton. I love the golden-silvery color of the jar (okay, it sounds silly, but I love it because it looks good on my vanity). Also, it looks hygienic and well-sealed, too. So far, so good.


Appearance. I must admit that this Kedma beauty product looks like an ordinary face mask. I didn’t expect much, anyway. If I wanted to see gold flecks, sapphires, or rubies, I should’ve used other Kedma masks and creams. Suffice it to say that the mud mask looks okay. You won’t scare your hubby or kids.

fragrance scentedFragrance. When you open the jar, no strong scent will greet you. This is a plus for me. All my friends know I hate beauty products with a strong fragrance. It spoils the scent of my perfumes (context: I work too hard to layer at least three perfumes only to be ruined by a mud mask). Perhaps Kedma Skincare thought of that, too, so props to the company.

Texture. I don’t know how to do justice to this with words, but this mud mask feels luxurious. It’s a world away from that famous Indian Clay Mask, which feels — how should I say it — cement-ish(?). This feels richer, as if more nice stuff was packed into it. Removing it was fuss-free, as well.


Here’s the fun part: the results!


I used the Kedma Purifying Mud Mask twice a week for two months. I used it at night, before going to bed. I followed Kedma’s directions (you can find it in their site). I didn’t change anything in my skincare routine to see if there’s really a difference. I have combination skin, and I try my best to stay away from the sun, as well.


Increases Circulation. People claim that this mask increases circulation. To be honest, I have no doubt that black mud did. Why? Because all masks do! The circular motions that we do on our skin stimulate blood flow, whatever we put on our faces. It’s not much of a wow.


Detoxifies the Skin. The Kedma Cosmetics Purifying Mud Mask made my skin feel tighter and cleaner. I’m not sure if it really removed the toxins in my skin (a friend of mine warned me that “toxins” is a vague word; never use it in your reviews, she says), but it sure feels like it!

My foundations applied more smoothly afterward, regardless of brand (my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk and Fenty Beauty Foundation both settled better). So did any liquid product — I can rock the Benetint like a teenager! The mask left behind a smooth canvass that’s ready to absorb other Kedma beauty products in the Philippines.


Complexion. I expected a brighter, rosier glow after one use. Well, it didn’t give me the instant gratification I was looking for. After rinsing it with warm water, my face felt cleaner, but it didn’t look brighter. Only after three or four weeks did it start to glow visibly, and I got many compliments from my friends.


Improves Imperfections.  After a month, I noticed that the mask did minimize my pores. The discolored patches on my skin evened out, too. I’m not sure how it does it, but another review site says the Kedma Skincare mask’s minerals boost cell growth. And true enough, my skin felt moisturized and soft. My blackheads weren’t completely gone, but they were a lot less visible.

Did it reverse signs of skin aging? Not much. My wrinkles and fine lines are still there, but I can say that they have become less visible. The improvement was not as great on them as my other skin imperfections. Perhaps a few more months will do the trick.


My Final Thoughts


I give the Kedma Cosmetics Purifying Mud Mask a solid 4 out of 5 stars!


The product was excellent in terms of appearance, texture, and fragrance. It felt luxurious, and everything else was to my liking. It also moisturized my skin and reduced the appearance of my skin imperfections. It didn’t brighten my complexion as fast as I expected it to be, though. Its age-defying abilities aren’t that impressive, as well. Many people say black mud from the Dead Sea can make wrinkles and fine lines fade away. Kedma’s mask didn’t do much to eliminate the signs of aging on my face.

Overall, this was a great product, and I definitely recommend it!


I’m also excited to try other Kedma beauty aids in the Philippines! Let me know what products you’d like me to try! Check out my other reviews to see which Kedma products work for you.

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